The MISSION in Missionaries: An Opportunity You May Not Have Considered, Part 2

This is Part 2 of my post that I posted up here last week. Part 3 will be posted soon. To see the condensed version of the article, go to Mission Network News and check out the blogs and other great news stories while you’re there.

If we don’t inquire about the needs, spiritual and physical, of fellow pilgrims on the narrow road who do the work of an evangelist (2 Tim. 4:5), how can we help them? Come alongside a missionary or evangelist and ask them what their needs are. Prayerfully consider supporting them with your money, your time, or both – however God leads you. If there are none in your church you are aware of, pray that God would bring across your path a missionary whom you can bless- and learn from. Oswald Chambers, a missionary himself, wrote, “When you meet a man or woman who puts Jesus Christ first, knit that one to your soul.

When asked, most missionaries will almost undoubtedly tell you their greatest need is prayer. The apostle Paul repeatedly urged those who received his letters to pray for him (Rom. 15:30-32; Eph. 6:18-20; 2 Thess. 3:1-2, etc.). Mission workers not only need prayer for provision of their physical and financial needs, but also their spiritual needs. They need our prayers, especially when they become deeply discouraged because of Satan’s onslaughts. You can encourage missionaries by asking them what prayer requests they have, and if possible, meeting with them in person for prayer and fellowship.

If you are considering becoming an evangelist (or going into any kind of ministry work), one of the best resources you can lay hold of – next to personal Bible study and prayer – is fellowship with other missionaries. Prepare for a learning curve! Preaching the Gospel and serving people in the name of Jesus is no cakewalk, and you will find it is no easier for those who fall into the category of missionaries or evangelists, as they will tell you. You will discover what a life on mission truly entails and, who knows, maybe even what God is asking of you….


2 thoughts on “The MISSION in Missionaries: An Opportunity You May Not Have Considered, Part 2

    • Hey witbud, I had some ideas rolling around in my head about what to write about for the MNN article, but in the end, this won out. I think what inspired me was a combination of being around missionaries personally and also reading about the experiences of missionaries on the field on online blogs and articles. I really received an education over the past year about the challenges missionaries, both foreign and domestic, face. Between reading articles and talking to missionaries, it appears to me that missionaries, in regards to their needs, don’t just want financial support. It’s the companionship of the body in the nitty-gritty times that aren’t reported on in their routine newsletters that they crave. I think there is a need to look beyond the furlough circuit to an opportunity to minister to those who have given up their lives to minister the Word of God. I really wanted to write more on this subject, but I had to condense it so the message coming across would be clear. My hope is that Christians would see the missionary passing through their congregation as a brother or sister who needs their prayers and friendship, and not just someone who shares about their mission, asks for financial support, and leaves.


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